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  Permanent Magnetic lifter Permanent Magnetic lifter  
  Electromagnetic Chuck Electromagnetic Chuck  
  Permanent Magnetic Workholding Permanent Magnetic Workholding  
  Permanent Magnetic Chuck Permanent Magnetic Chuck  
  Magnetic sweeper Magnetic sweeper  
  Electric Permanent Magnetic Chuck Electric Permanent Magnetic Chuck  
  Magnetic Welding Fixer Magnetic Welding Fixer  
  Magnets Magnets  
  Magnetic Shelf Magnetic Shelf  
  Magnetic Bar Magnetic Bar  
  Magnetic Picking Device Magnetic Picking Device  
  Magnetic drill Magnetic drill  
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All our respect customers:

All our respect customers:

 Thanks for your consistent support of our company.

As the approaching Spring Festival holiday(Chinese NEW YEAR),our holiday time inform as follows:
Our Chinese New Year holiday time is January 27, 2014 to February 10, 2014.

During the holiday our company don’t arrange any staff on duty.

At this period if you have any problem welcome to send email to us as usual,
or you can call 15005889083(Grace lee) or 13515781479(Wendy chen) for a answer.  We will happy to serve for you all the time.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Wish you joy, peace and happiness through the coming new year!

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