Lishuai Magnetics’s two-day tour to Jiangsu comes to a successful close
  • All the staff of Lishuai Magnetics got on the bus and left for Jiangsu in the lead of Mr. Du at 6:00 am on Sep.17, 2013. Then the unforgettable travel began.

    People all had fun, besides that we had a better understanding how important to get along with each other and the importance of teamwork.

    Travelling helps people relax themselves in nature by going away from city and work for a short time and also help to open our mind.

    Mr. Du (second row and the forth from the left) and staff took photo together in Three Kingdoms City

    Taking an oar boat in Jinxi, Kunshan.

    Mr. Du (second row and the tenth from the left), Mr. Lee (second row and the ninth from the left) take the photo with all staff in the Shanghai Branch.

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